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Adobe InDesign CC Tutorial: New way of working with colors!

I was so excited when I upgraded to new InDesign CC 2014.

In this version of InDesign, color is integrated in new and efficient ways. I used to create my own color palette manually in order to match the color scheme of my design. But not any more, this new version of InDesign has an automated system for creating color themes for you!

You can extract color themes from selected areas, images, or objects in your InDesign document with the new Color Theme Tool. Use them in your layout right away, add to Swatches panel for future use, or save to Adobe Color for use in other Adobe desktop or mobile apps.

I can show you step by step how to do this:

Step1- Choose a photo that you think will be suitable for your design color scheme.

Here I have a Christmas photo, which I would like to extract some of the colors.



Step2- Place your photo into your document.

As your InDesign file open, select your Rectangle Frame Tool from your tools palette for making a frame to hold your photo, as shown bellow:

Image 1


Step 3- With Rectangle Frame Tool selected, draw a frame by clicking/holding your mouse then moving down to the desire size.



Step4- Go to File on the top bar menu and then select Place as the picture bellow:



Step 5- A pop-up dialog box appears which allows you to choose your photo from your local drive. I had mine located on my desktop:



Here is my colorful Christmas photo:



Step6- Here is the fun part:
Now that you have your photo placed in to your document, you can select the new tool called Color Theme Tool located within the Eyedropper tool collection in the tools palette.



Step7- With your Color Theme Tool selected, Click any where inside your photo to select a color. InDesign automatically selects different rang of colors for you and separate them in different themes.



Step8- By clicking on the small triangle on the right side of your color themes, a drop down menu appears which allow you to choose any theme that you like.




Step9- Now you can add any of these themes to your Color Swatches for future use as shown bellow:



I added two themes (Bright and Colorful) to my color Swatches, which I can use for designing my Christmas card!



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Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Indesign

I created this infographic for Adobe Indesign keyboard shortcut keys. Indesign is the sotware that I use the most for creating layout. It is a very powerful tool but when you get ahold of it, it is very easy to use. Knowing keyboard shortcuts is essential in helping you to get through lengthy project without wasting time looking for the right key to use.

Indesign-Shortcut Keys

Let me know if this infographic is useful to you.

How to make a brochure with InDesign

If you are a designer, you are well aware that Adobe has moved to Creative Cloud and there are no more new versions of the software. I use Adobe InDesign CC quite often for creating layouts. I like InDesign because of its power and flexibility for designing creative layouts. I found the below video tutorial very helpful, which uses the newest version of InDesign for creating a double sided Tri-Fold Brochure.


The Video tutorial is done by Nathan Brutzman. To watch the next parts of this tutorial and also downloading the sample files for practice, please visit: