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Rules of Typography

Very useful inforgraphic for typography!

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First of all i want to say that I think that DesignMatic is awesome and I love their infographics and posts they make in general. With that said I personally wouldn’t choose many of the font combinations that they have endorsed on this graphic. Have a close look. When choosing a font combo it is important to not mix fonts that are too silly or whimsical. True. Also an important note is to avoid the fonts that they have listed. (payprus, comic sans, curlz, viner, etc)  Nowone likes Paypyrus for your health or nature related newsletter and we don’t need every kids event to be in Comic sans. But still the font combinations on the graphic are rather weak and only serve as a guide to help steer you in the right direction.

This is a overly simplified guide for newbies coming into the world of typography or wanting…

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